Its that time of year again!


We are artists, teachers, educators and art advocates. Many years ago we met to talk about the Arts and how the Arts were always the first to be cut from public budgets when financial times are hard. We wondered what could be done to bring more of the Arts to rural western Yamhill county,(Oregon).
Since its creation in 1998, The Art Conspiracy has been dedicated to providing a two-week, intensive Arts Program for 9 to 18-year-olds.

We offer classes and events in partnership with local schools and serve the commiunities of Amity,  Ballston, Sheridan, Willimina, and Grande Ronde.
Our Purpose:

  • To further the creation, understanding and appreciation of art in the Western Yamhill County.
  • To encourage public participation in the arts and promote educational and cultural programs.
  • To support and encourage artists and crafts persons.