Financial Aid

Through the generous donations of area arts supporters and grants, financial aid is available for students with need.

Please complete the enrollment form and send it with a written recommendation from a teacher or unrelated adult along with a $15 class fee. Financial aid will be limited to 3 consecutive years. Send your financial aid request to:

Financial Aid

The Art Conspiracy

PO Box 283

Sheridan, OR 97378

Recipients will be notified by mail or email.

Financial Aid Application

The Art Conspiracy is committed to making the Summer Arts Program available to all who want to attend. Financial aid is awarded without regard to race, religion, origin, status or sexual orientation.

  1. Fill out the enrollment form
  2. Include a $15 materials fee or indicate your preference or a minimum of one hour of volunteer work during the Summer Arts Program. ( Your name and contact information will be given to our volunteer coordinator.) 
  3. Attach a brief statment about why your child wants to attend the Summer Arts Program.
  4. Attach a letter of recomendation from a non-related adult, such as a teacher or counselor.