2017 Summer Arts Program Class List

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Here is a list of the classes we are offering to students during our 2017 Summer Arts Program

AM Classes

Printmaking (Joyce Parmeter)- Make and design your own linoleum prints. The class will include designing the print, carving linoleum, pulling prints and matting.

Ceramics Hand Building: Tiny Worlds (Ingrid Parmeter)- Learn about scale, then make slabs, cones and spheres to create tiny houses for magical beings.

Making Music (John Harr)- Explore the basics of making music and using musical instruments. Learn about composing and other essential elements of creating music.

Intro to Architecture (Rebecca Quandt)- Be prepared to learn about historic architecture and the how and why of design and structure. Build you own models based upon what you’ve learned.

Beginners Gourmet (Recca Maze)- Explore the basics of classical gourmet cooking. Class includes an assortment of basic cooking skills including measuring, cutting, food combining and bread making.

Polymer Clay Sculpture (Jenny Armitage)- Sculpt animals with polymer clay, wire and aluminum foil. Make bold colorful polymer clay canes to decorate your animals.

Painting With Watercolors (Kim Bushbaum)- Discover the creative outlet of this timeless and versatile art form. Learn the basics of color and technique in watercolor.

Drama (Ginnie Sutfin)- This class is designed for student actors of any ability. Learn improvisational skills, vocal and physical ability and creation of characters. This is a performance class!

PM Classes

Beginning Digital Photography (Susan Ragan)- Learn basic digital techniques as we explore portraits, action pictures and landscapes.

Ceramics Hand-Building/Carving- Famous Faces (Ingrid Parmeter)- Survey Western and Ancient world sculpture and busts. Learn about human form and create a ceramic face (human/animal, famous or not? You decide!).

Rock Band (John Harr)- Gain experience performing popular songs with an experienced musician. Singers and musicians of varying levels welcome! Please bring your own instrument if you are able.

Collage, Painting With Paper (Jenny Armitage)- Hand print decorative paper using a variety of simple printing methods. Tear and glue the hand printed paper and found paper to boards to create colorful paper “paintings”.

Embroidery Arts (Kim Bushbaum)- Be creative with embroidery arts! Learn basic and intermediate skills to create a personalized project.

Taiko Drumming (Kayla Lindsey)- Explore the ancient art of Japanese Taiko Drumming. Learn all the skills you need for an exciting performance at our Friday Exhibition and Performance Night!  

Basic Drawing (Karin Martin)- Learn the timeless art of pencil and colored pencil drawings. Discover how to incorporate basic techniques to make your drawings more life-like.